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The International Axe Throwing Federation (IATF)

Axe Throwers Unite

The sport of axe throwing has spread like wildfire over the past two decades.

To support this growth, in 2016 we founded the International Axe Throwing Federation (IATF) to standardize rules and facilitate interleague competition. Our rule system dates back over 14 years and forms the basis of league play for over 10,000 competitive axe throwers.

The IATF standardized rule system elevates competition, safety, and sportsmanship for this growing international sport. This helps throwers focus on what matters – hitting the target.

Want to learn more about becoming a member?
Contact us to learn more about our Membership Charter and how to join.

Here's How We Serve Axe Throwers Around The World:

Leading a positive and supportive competitor-friendly community

Legitimizing and promoting axe throwing culture

Organizing a tournament circuit and global championships

Enforcing clear rules and standards for the sport

Collecting and analyzing global rankings

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To build a platform that launches axe throwing competition to the next level.

Our Vision

A world where the sport of axe throwing is accessible, celebrated, and recognized for future generations of throwers to come.

14 Year Success Story

The International Axe Throwing Federation is a federally registered organization. While membership is free, use of registered name and marks is restricted to qualifying organizations satisfying safety, sportsmanship and competitive axe throwing standards subject to annual review.

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IATF Coverage

"Throwing Axes for Fun A Violently Good Time"

The Atlantic

"Ax throwing taps into widespread nostalgia for the era of the lumberjack, a figure deeply embedded in the national consciousness, says Tonya Davidson, a Carleton University sociologist."

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